Why Do You need to Ask the Right Questions When You Install a Modern Ceiling Fan?

Many people in the trade who set up a contemporary modern ceiling fan are a good fit for your renovation project. They’re good people, they could be accommodating, plus they are sure to please you with excellent service.

On the other hand, an unqualified installer of fans can make your life unpleasant.

The most significant problem we face probably would be fan installers that don’t really know what they’re doing. Thankfully, most modern fan installation experts do indeed know what they’re doing.

But, many think putting in one fan is equivalent to installing other fans.

Well, it is not so

There are all sorts of actions you can take to learn if your installer is worthwhile hiring before they start on your project. You need to ask all the right questions to ensure they really know what they’re doing before they screw up your lovely new fan.

What brands of stylish ceiling fans you usually set up?

If they are regularly installing the cheaper one’s and do not list the quality brands, leave. It is time to look for another installer.

Every electrician and handyman will let you know, “ok, I can mount that kind of fan, no issue!” should you ask them outright. But it’s likely that they’ve never handled your kind of fan, and they have no idea what’s included. The types of procedures involved with modern-day ceiling fans are different from that of the cheaper fans. So, if you trust your fan installation professional even though they don’t really set up your kind of fan, that’s perfectly okay. But at least ensure they go through the instructions thoroughly before they begin.

How might you handle a unit installation where no electronics can be obtained?

This is actually the one question that separates the wheat from the chaff. When you have a junction package right where the fan is gonna go, and it’s a reinforced ceiling, it ought to be easy.

The thing is that fully qualified electrician will have the know how to install a fan where you want it. Some follow-up questions to ask are:

  1. Do you fish wires?
  2. How will you patch?

If they appear uneasy answering either of the questions, you need to move on.

Another way you may ask this question is, “How might you install a fan over a beam?” Provide them with a hypothetical: “The beam is four inches wide. However, the canopy is six inches. How would one cope with that?”

Their answer signifies their degree of expertise. To begin with, if they let you know they can use a fan on the hollow beam, leave. Hollow beams cannot support roof fans. Period.

Are you a qualified electrician?

Look, it’s totally okay for an experienced DIYer, handyman, or machine installer to take care of our fans. If you have done electronic work or hung a roof fan yourself, then you are just fine. Always ensure read the instructions.

One needs to determine if they pull permits. Most will tell you whether they are certified or not. Plus they may very well not need permits to do the task. If indeed they consistently do not pull permits or cannot, that is apparently a red flag they aren’t certified locally.

Obtain it in writing.

That is always a good notion, but almost no person ever does. Ensure you get your installer or electrician to put everything in writing. Make sure you’re more comfortable with the contract.

Let’s discuss your position if you have a service provider doing all your remodeling. They must be comfortable adding modern fan installations with their service contract. When you have it on paper, you have something to return to in the event something goes wrong.

How will you balance a fan?

This will be simple – Most cooling fans are fully balanced. But if the expert installer does something to get the fan out of balance during set up, they have to fix it. If they tell you it is not something they do, then it is a sure indication they lack the necessary experience. Move along and find yourself another ceiling fan installer.

Always Trust Your Gut

Should you ever feel uneasy about your modern ceiling fans installation expert, it is almost always better to stop there and look for someone else. Don’t get caught up with the green ones! Invest some time and set yourself up for success.